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Version 1.30 Beta 9

Welcome to the Newtonlink Dokumentation Homepage. Newtonlink is a program to transfer data between a Newton PDA and applications such as Xrolodex, Addressbook, KOrganizer, Star Office, Plan, Kjots, kab, kmail, ksendfax, Xfmail and Netscape. You can also install and upload Newton packages to/from your Unix desktop. Newtonlink is very modular implemented, so it is easy to add more desktop target applications.

We wrote this program because there was a need for it. You can get Newton connection utilities for Micro$oft Windows and the Apple Macintosh, but there was no solution for Unix. So we decided to develop Newtonlink, with the main goal to get the contents of the Newton soups via a serial link and convert this data for use with several Linux applications which we normally use.

Even apple deceided to discontinue the Newton development we will continue to develop Newtonlink.

The program is distributed as freeware under the terms of the GNU General Public Licenses.

Please let us know if you find Newtonlink useful. We also appreciate comments and suggestions for improvement to the program.

Special thanks to Steve Weyer for his help and his excellent Newton software, which was a requirement to develop Newtonlink.

Enjoy - The Newtonlink developer team :

Reinhold Schöb,
Frank Scholz,
Andrew Maier,
Gerald Hofer
Torsten Uhlmann
Zoran Cutura
Ralph Scharpf
Peter W.
Stephan Kauss
Mark Crocker
Steffen Macke

Newtonville rated Newtonlink with 4 1/2 of 5 apples
Newtonware rated Newtonlink with 4 of 5 points.

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